Blockade Runner

Author: WiseKensai

The rogue AI Brutus has taken control of the West Coastline defense batteries as part of its strategy to enforce the blockade on the city of New Hypatia. You are tasked to run the blockade and smuggle one of our key personnel, a real High Value Target (HVT), through the defense batteries. Be warned, the defense batteries are designed to prevent this exact type of activity!

Brutus must have done something to bypass the security software on the defense batteries as well. They should have been hardened against this sort of attack. As a secondary objective, see if you can collect a system log from the defense battery Command Console. It will take a trooper with special training as well as time, so make sure you plan to cover whoever it is doing the work!

We are certainly not the only team interested in gathering intelligence near the West Coastline defensive batteries. You have your classified objectives on your comlog as well.

Mission Objectives

Main Objectives

  • At the end of the game, have your HVT in CivEvac state in the opponent's table half.
    • 2 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, have your HVT in CivEvac state in the opponent's deployment zone.
    • 2 Objective Points.
  • At the end of a player turn, Control the Command Console.
    • 1 Objective Point, maximum of 4.

Classified Objectives

  • Each player has 2 Classified Objectives. HVT Assassination is not allowed, and a replacement must be drawn.
    • 1 Objective Point for each one.

Forces and Deployment

  • SIDE A and SIDE B: Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in Deployment Zones whose size depends on the number of Army Points in the Army Lists.
  • It is not permitted to deploy in Silhouette contact with the Defense Batteries.
  • It is not permitted to deploy in Silhouette contact with the Console.

Blockade Runner

Scenario Special Rules

Command Console

There is one S5 Command Console in the center of the table. It be represented by a scenery item (such as the Supply Boxes of the ITS Objective Pack Alpha, the Tech Crates by Micro Art Studio, the Gang Tie Containers by Bandua Wargames, the Supply Boxes by Warsenal or the Cargo Crates by Customeeple).

Disable Defense Battery
Short Skill, Attack.
  • Only Specialist Troops can declare this Skill.
  • The Specialist Troop must be in Silhouette contact with the Command Console.
  • Allows the Specialist Troop to make a WIP Roll to put a Defense Battery into the IMM-B state, with no BTS save on the part of the Defense Battery.
  • If the Defense Battery would declare BS attack against this short skill, the BS attack is face to face with the WIP roll. Otherwise, the WIP roll is a Normal roll.
  • If the roll is failed, this can be repeated as many times as necessary, each time spending the corresponding Short Skill and making the roll.

Controlling the Command Console

A Console is Controlled by a player as long as that player is the only one with at least one Trooper (as a Model, not a Marker) in Silhouette contact with it. So there cannot be any enemy Troopers in Silhouette contact with the Console. Models in a Null State cannot control the console.

This scenario requires the controlling Trooper to be a Hacker, Engineer, Doctor, Forward Observer, Paramedic, or have the Chain of Command or Specialist Operative skill. The Key Ops also counts. However, denying the controlled state is possible with any trooper.


For the purposes of this scenario, only Hackers, Doctors, Engineers, Forward Observers, Paramedics, and Troopers possessing the Chain of Command or the Specialist Operative Special Skill are considered Specialist Troops.

Hackers, Doctors, and Engineers cannot make use of Repeaters or Peripheral (Servant) Models to perform tasks reserved for Specialist Troops.

Defense Battery

These Batteries are fixed to the floor and cannot move. They must be represented by a Model or piece of scenery with the same Silhouette value. They may not benefit from cover. They will automatically fail saves from PARA ammunition types and cannot declare Dodge to cancel the Imm-A state. When Possessed, they may be repaired by a friendly engineer.

The Defensive Batteries are considered TAGs. When they are not possessed, they are considered hostile to both players. They will declare whatever ARO is possible, using the following priority order:

  1. ARO: BS Attack
  2. ARO: CC Attack
  3. ARO: Reset
  4. ARO: Discover

When the STR Attribute value of a Defense Battery is 0 or less, it is removed from the game table.

Defense Batteries are considered TAGs for the purposes of Hacking. When Possessed, the Defense Battery statline does not change.

Defense Battery
-- 10 10 -- 13 4 3 2 2
Equipment: 360 Visor
Skills: Total Reaction - Gizmokit (PH=10)
BS Weapons: Mk12
Melee Weapons: Para CCW (-3)

Key Ops

The Key Ops is a special tactics operator with unique training to conduct multi-domain reconnaissance and combat across the full spectrum of conflicts.

At the end of the Deployment Phase, in Initiative order, players must declare which Trooper from their Army List is their Key Ops. The Trooper chosen must be always one of the models deployed on the game table. Players are not allowed to choose Troopers in Hidden Deployment or in Marker state. This Trooper must always be on the game table as a Model and not as a Marker (Camouflaged, Holoecho…). Also, Irregular Troops and those whose Troop Type is REM are not eligible to be Key Ops.

The Key Ops possesses the Dodge (+3) and Tactical Awareness Special Skills, even if those are not listed on their Unit Profile. These Special Skills are not cumulative, if the Trooper already has them, then they are not applied.

The Key Ops is identified with a Player A or B Marker.

End of the Mission

This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

If one of the players starts their Active Turn in a Retreat! situation, the game will end at the end of that Turn.