Radiation Leak

Author: WiseKensai

This one is a bit complicated, so here’s a plain English explanation. The first player (the one who has the first turn) is defending a damaged reactor core and will score points for repairing it. The second player is attempting to take the reactor core offline and will score points for damaging it. The Core has 2 structure to start and has a max of 4 structure, so if nothing happens both players will score 2 points. I wanted to explore a little bit of asymmetric scoring here, to see if that would work well in Infinity.

Both players want to get into the Reactor Room (Armory building) to secure the area so they can accomplish their mission, so you get points for dominating the armory building at the end of each player turn for the last two game rounds (last 4 turns of the game).

Of course, a reactor core has safety interlocks (two additional objectives on the centerline). Both interlocks must be controlled (base to base touching) before the doors open, and players can disable the interlocks to prevent them from being used, but they can be repaired.

It’s going to be a bloody fight in the center, and the Reactor Core emits harmful radiation like the biotechvore zones inside the Reactor Room. The damage of the radiation is weaker the more structure the Reactor Core has (more shielding). Best of luck!

Mission Objectives

Main Objectives

  • At the end of each player turn in Rounds 2 and 3, Dominate the Reactor Room
    • 1 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, scored by First Turn Player for each remaining Reactor Core STR Point.
    • 1 Objective Point per remaining STR point.
  • At the end of the game, scored by Second Turn Player for each lost Reactor Core STR Point.
    • 1 Objective Point per lost STR point.
  • At the end of the game, for each disabled Safety Interlock
    • 1 Objective Point.

Forces and Deployment

  • SIDE A and SIDE B: Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in Deployment Zones whose size depends on the number of Army Points in the Army Lists.
  • Exclusion Zone: The Exclusion Zone is the area within the Armory building. Any Special Skill with the Airborne Deployment (AD) or Superior Deployment Labels cannot be used to deploy inside this area.
  • It is not permitted to deploy in Silhouette contact with a Safety Interlock.

Radiation Leak

Scenario Special Rules

Reactor Room (ZO)

In this scenario the Reactor Room (The Armory) is a Zone of Operations (ZO).

Placed in the center of the table, it covers an area of 8 by 8 inches. To represent the Reactor Room, we recommend using the Objective Room by Micro Art Studio, the Command Bunker by Warsenal, or the Panic Room by Customeeple.

In game terms it is considered to have walls of infinite height that completely block Line of Fire. It has four Gates, one in the middle of each wall (See map below). The Gates of the Reactor Room are closed at the start of the game. The Gates must be represented by a Narrow Gate Token or a scenery piece with the same size.

A Reactor Core Gate can only be damaged by CC weapons possessing the Anti-Materiel Trait or by placing D-Charges.

Reactor Room Gate
-- -- -- -- -- 8 9 2 --

Safety Interlocks

Safety interlocks can be controlled, disabled, and repaired. They start the game enabled.

A Safety Interlock is Controlled by a player as long as it is not disabled, and that player is the only one with at least one Trooper (as a Model, not a Marker) in Silhouette contact with it. So there cannot be any enemy Troopers in Silhouette contact with the Safety Interlock. Models in a Null State cannot do either.

If both safety interlocks are enabled and controlled by either player, all Reactor Room Gates open during the Order Resolution step of the order during which they became controlled.

If either safety interlock is not contolled or one or more is disabled, all non-destroyed Reactor Room Gates close during the Order Resolution step of the order where the Safety Interlocks were disabled or became uncontrolled

Enable/Disable Safety Interlock
Short Skill, Attack.
  • Only Specialist Troops can declare this Skill.
  • The Specialist Troop must be in Silhouette contact with the Safety Interlock.
  • Allows the Specialist Troop to make a WIP Roll to Enable or Disable a Safety Interlock. A success Enables or Disables the Safety Interlock. If the roll is failed, this can be repeated as many times as necessary, each time spending the corresponding Short Skill and making the roll.

Dominate ZO

A Zone of Operations (ZO) is Dominated by a player if they have more Victory Points than the adversary inside the area. Only Troopers represented by Models or Markers (Camouflaged, Shasvastii-Embryo, Seed-Embryo...) count, as well as Proxies and Peripheral Troops. Troops in a Null State do not count. Tokens representing weapons or pieces of equipment (like Mines or Deployable Repeaters), fake Holoechoes, and any Token that does not represent a Trooper does not count either.

A Trooper is inside a Zone of Operations when more than half the Trooper's base is inside that ZO.


Troopers possessing the Shasvastii Special Skill that are inside a Zone of Operations count while they are in the Shasvastii-Embryo State or any non-Null State.


Troopers possessing the Baggage piece of Equipment that are inside a Zone of Operations and in a non-Null State provide an additional 20 Victory Points for Dominating the ZO.


In this scenario, TAGs apply the Anti-materiel Trait to their CC Weapons when making a CC Attack against the Reactor Core.

Reactor Technician

The Reactor Technician is an operative with specifi expertise in interacting with reactor cores.

At the end of the Deployment Phase, in Initiative order, players must declare which Trooper from their Army List is their Reactor Technician. The Trooper chosen must be always one of the models deployed on the game table. Players are not allowed to choose Troopers in Hidden Deployment or in Marker state. This Trooper must always be on the game table as a Model and not as a Marker (Camouflaged, TO, Holoecho…). Also, Irregular Troops and those whose Troop Type is REM are not eligible to be Reactor Technicians.

The Reactor Technician possesses the D-Charges and a Gizmokit, even if those are not listed on their Unit Profile.

The Reactor Technician is identified with a Player A or B Marker

Reactor Core

The Reactor Core is placed in the center of the Reactor Room and may be represented by a S5 model. In this scenario the Reactor Core may be targeted. However, the Reactor Core may not be chosen as the target of an attack that would also affect troopers, be they enemy or allied.

The reactor core starts at 2 STR and may not be repaired past 4 STR or reduced to below 0 STR (it always remains on the table).

A Reactor Core can only be damaged by CC Weapons possessing the Anti-materiel Trait, or by placing D-Charges.

The Reactor Core can be the target of the Engineer Special Skill or the GizmoKit piece of Equipment.

Reactor Core
-- * -- -- -- 8 9 2 (max 4) --

Reactor Core Breach

At the end of each Active Player turn, Troopers in the Reactor Room Zone of Operations suffer an automatic hit necessitating a BTS save.

Models with Total Immunity and the Reactor Technician automatically pass the BTS save. Models with Wounds make a single save against BTS, models with Structure must make two saves. The damage of the hit scales with the current state of the Reactor Core.

Reactor Core Damage Chart


End of the Mission

This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

If one of the players starts their Active Turn in a Retreat! situation, the game will end at the end of that Turn.