Dead or Alive

Author: WiseKensai

Mission Objectives

Main Objectives

  • At the end of the game, have the Kiel Saan in your table half.
    • 1 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, have the Kiel Saan in your table half in a non-Null state.
    • 1 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, have the Kiel Saan in your deployment zone.
    • 1 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, have the Kiel Saan in your deployment zone in a Non-null state.
    • 1 Objective Points.
  • At the end of the game, have the Kiel Saan in CivEvac state
    • 2 Objective Points.

Classified Objectives

  • Players share 4 Classified Objectives that pertain to HVTs.
    • 1 Objective Point for each.

Forces and Deployment

  • SIDE A and SIDE B: Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in Deployment Zones whose size depends on the number of Army Points in the Army Lists.
  • It is not permitted to deploy in Silhouette contact with the Persons of Interest.

Dead or Alive

Scenario Special Rules

Main HVT Objectives

Players have 4 HVT Classified Objectives which are the same for both players. The HVT Classified Objectives are Open Information.

To choose them, one player shuffles their deck in front of their opponent and draws cards one by one until there are 4 HVT classifieds.

These 4 HVT classifieds must be unique and will form the pool of shared classifieds for both players.

Each player may only accomplish each classified once.

Persons of Interest

Tohaa agents have been infiltrated into your area of operations and must be unmasked!

  • Deploy three Silhouette 2 Persons of Interest (PoI) tokens equally spaced along the center of the tabler.
  • Once a PoI token has been revealed, it is either a normal, neutral HVT (that counts as a legal target for both players' classifieds) or the Kiel Saan
  • Until a PoI token has been revealed, it may not be the target of any player's classified.
Interrogate Person of Interest
Long Skill, Attack
  • A Trooper must be in Silhouette contact with the PoI token.
  • Cannot be declared as part of a Coordinated Order
  • If the Kiel-Saan has not been revealed, roll on the Person of Interest reveal table to determine whether the PoI is the Kiel-Saan or HVT. If the Kiel-Saan has been revealed, the PoI token is automatically an HVT.
  • Replace the PoI token with either a silhouette 2 HVT or a silhouette 5, full health Kiel-Saan with the profile chosen by the roll. The Kiel-Saan profile from Infinity Army gains 360 visor equipment on all of its profiles and is assumed to have rolled +3PH and Regeneration on its MetaChemistry Roll.
  • If the PoI token is an HVT, you may treat this long skill declaration as having declared the appropriate skill to satisfy one of the HVT classifieds available to both players, assuming the active Model satisfies the conditions of the classified card.
  • If the PoI token is the Kiel-Saan, the Kiel-Saan is treated as having declared the CC attack skill in ARO against the active trooper. The active trooper is then treated as declaring CC attack or Dodge, chosen by the active player.

Person of Interest Reveal Table

13-16Kiel Saan Red Fury
17-20Kiel Saan Mk12

Tohaa Agent

The Kiel-Saan, once revealed, is hostile to both players and obeys the following rules

  • The Kiel-Saan will ARO with BS Attack, CC Attack, Discover, Dodge, Reset in that order, always maximizing the target number when choosing between weapons or optional skills and always choosing a legal ARO based on its current state.
  • If Stunned or Immobilized, the Kiel-Saan will not ARO, but will automatically cancel those states during the End Phase unless it is Civ-Evaced.
  • When resolving Dodge movement, the Kiel-Saan will always move into close combat if able. If not able, it will move towards the center point of the table.
  • A Stunned or Immobilized Kiel-Saan is considered neutral and may be Civ-Evaced as per normal rules.

Capture Team

Models with normal pistols have a Stun Pistol added to their profile.

End of the Mission

This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

If one of the players starts their Active Turn in a Retreat! situation, the game will end at the end of that Turn.