Supply Raid

Author: Tristan Whyte

Scenario by Tristan Whyte for the 2023 Loss of Lieutenant custom mission challenge, additional flavor by WiseKensai.

Mission Objectives

Main Objectives

  • At the end of the game, Secure a Supply Box
    • 1 Objective Point per Supply Box (maximum of 6).
  • At the end of the game, have Extracted more Shipping Crates than your opponent (at least one).
    • 1 Objective Point
  • At the end of the game, have Destroyed more Shipping Crates than your opponent (at least one).
    • 1 Objective Point

Classified Objectives

  • Each player has 2 Classified Objectives
    • 1 Objective Point for each classified.

Forces and Deployment

  • SIDE A and SIDE B: Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in Deployment Zones whose size depends on the number of Army Points in the Army Lists.
  • It is not permitted to deploy in Silhouette contact with a Shipping Crate.

Supply Raid

Scenario Special Rules

Shipping Crates

There are are 9 Shipping Crates on the table (see map). A Shipping Crate must be represented by a Tech-Coffin Token or with a scenery piece of the same diameter (such as the Stasis Coffins by Warsenal or the Cryo Pods by Customeeple).

At the start of a player’s turn, any Shipping Crates they currently have Activated are Extracted. Remove the Shipping Crate from the table. As each Shipping Crate contains Supply Box, each Extracted Shipping Crate also count as a Secured Supply Box for the player who Extracted it.

A player can use CC Attacks against a Shipping Crate that is currently Activated by the opposing player or Locked by Management. Shipping Crates can only be damaged by CC Attacks using Weapons possessing the Anti-material Trait or by placing D-Charges.

If a Shipping Crate’s Structure is reduced to 0 or below, it is Destroyed and removed from the game table. The Model that Destroyed the Shipping Crate gains a Supply Box Token as long as they satisfy the Common Rules for Supply Boxes. If they do not, place a Supply Box Token on the game table where the Destroyed Shipping Crate was.

A Shipping Crate cannot be the target of the Engineer Special Skill nor the Gizmokit piece of Equipment.

Activate Shipping Crate
Short Skill, Attack
  • Only Specialist Troops and the Fulfillment Associate can declare this skill.
  • The Troop must be in Silhouette Contact with a Shipping Crate
  • This skill may only be declared during the first or second Game Round
  • Allows the Specialist Troop to make a normal WIP roll to Activate the Shipping Crate
  • If the roll is failed, this can be repeated as many times as necessary, each time spending the corresponding Short Skill and making the roll.
  • An Activated Shipping Crate can be Activated again by the other player, applying the same procedure. In this situation, the shipping Container is considered no longer Activated by the adversary.
  • Player A and Player B tokens may be used to mark the player who is currently Activating the Shipping Crate.
Shipping Crate
-- -- -- -- -- 4 6 2 5
Skills: FIXED CC ROLL=8 when Locked


For the purposes of this scenario, only Hackers, Doctors, Engineers, Forward Observers, Paramedics, and Troopers possessing the Chain of Command or the Specialist Operative Special Skill are considered Specialist Troops.

Hackers, Doctors, and Engineers cannot make use of Repeaters or Peripheral (Servant) Models to perform tasks reserved for Specialist Troops.

Forward Observer Bonus

Troopers possessing the Forward Observer Special Skill have a MOD of +3 to the WIP Rolls necessary to Activate a Shipping Crate. In addition, they will be able to make two WIP Rolls each time they spend a Short Skill to Activate a Shipping Crate.


In this scenario, TAGs apply the Anti-materiel Trait to their CC Weapons when making a CC Attack against an Shipping Create.

Management Crackdown

At the start of the third Game Round, all Shipping Crates remaining on the table that are not Activated by either player become Locked, as management has discovered what you are doing. Locked Shipping Crates cannot be targeted with the Activate Shipping Crate short skill.

Loss Prevention System (LPS)

Every Shipping Crate is equipped with an LPS to avoid loss within the warehouse which becomes active during a Management Crackdown.

In the third game round, any CC Attack made against a Locked Shipping Crate will trigger a CC Attack in reaction, which automatically rolls an 8. Any CC Attack against the Shipping Crate is automatically a Face to Face Roll even if the Berserk Special Skill is used. No MODs can be applied to the attacker's CC Attribute.

If the LPS's automatic Roll of 8 is a success, the attacker suffers a Stun Ammunition hit, forcing them to make two Saving Rolls against BTS, with Damage 15. The Immunity (Total) Special Skill is not effective against this hit.


  • Each Model can carry a maximum of 1 Supply Box. As exception, Troopers possessing the Baggage Special Skill can carry up to 2 Supply Boxes.
  • Only Models, and not Markers (Camo, Impersonation, Holoechoes...) can carry the Supply Boxes.
  • The Supply Box Token must always be kept on the table, even if the Model which is carrying it passes to a Null State.
  • If the Model which is carrying the Supply Box Token enters a Null State, or enters a Marker state, the Supply Box Token is dropped in place on the table (that Trooper is no longer carrying it).
Short Skill, Attack.
  • The Trooper should be in one of the following situations:
    • Be in Silhouette contact with an allied Trooper in a Normal State with a SUPPLY BOX Token.
    • Be in Silhouette contact with a SUPPLY BOX Token that is not being carried by another Trooper.
  • Spending one Short Skill, without Roll, any Trooper can pick up a Supply Box in any of the situations previously mentioned.
  • The Troops must accomplish the Common Rules of Supply Box.


  • A Supply Box is Secured by a player if, at the end of the game, that player has a Model, but not a Marker, carrying it. That Trooper cannot be in a Null State or in Silhouette contact with any enemy Model.
  • A Supply Box is secured by a player if, at the end of the game, that player has successfully Extracted a Supply Crate

Fulfillment Associate

Fulfillment associates are part of the warehouse team that gets orders ready for customers relying on MayaNet services. Associates perform jobs that are fast-paced, physical roles take place in a variety of areas including merch, make-on-demand, customer returns, MayaNow, and general fulfillment. Associates select, pack, and ship orders -- in some cases, for our super-fast (2-hour or less) delivery service.

At the end of the Deployment Phase, in Initiative order, players must declare which Trooper from their Army List is their Fulfillment Associate. The Trooper chosen must always been one of the Models deployed on the game table. Players are not allowed to choose Troopers in Hidden Deployment or a Marker State. This Trooper must always be on the game table as a Model and not as a Marker (Camouflaged, Holoecho, ...). Also, Irregular Troops and those whose Troop Type is REM are not eligible to be Fulfillment Associates.

The Fulfillment Associate has D-Charges, even if those are not listed on their Unit Profile.

The Fulfillment Associate is identified by their winning smile and positive work attitude.

End of the Mission

This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

If one of the players starts their Active Turn in a Retreat! situation, the game will end at the end of that Turn.