Rules Patches

For the first release of BAMS, we are limiting the rules patches to the following three. We intend to release additional rules patches in the future, but are intentionally limiting scope for the first release to simplify the launch of BAMS.

BAMS Rules Patch

Reinforcements As Intended

Corvus Belli originally intended for Reinforcement lists to be played in tournaments against non-Reinforcement lists. This was the original impetous for the 10 point, 0.5 SWC tax on the Commlink-equipped trooper.

For 300 point tournaments, we propose the following BAMS-extra (optional rule, declared as in effect by the tournament organizer beforehand):

  • One or both of your tournament lists may be a Reinforcement list.
  • Your Reinforcement list(s) must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Be composed of a Main Section (240 points and 4.5 SWC) and a Reinforcement Section (100 points and 2 SWC).
    • Both sections are limited to 1 Combat Group each.
    • The main section must contain one trooper with the Commlink special skill.
  • After the lieutenant WIP roll but before any turn order or deployment choices are made, players must declare whether or not they have chosen a reinforcements list.
  • All other reinforcement rules as specified by Corvus Belli are in effect unless superceded by a rule above.

Guided BS

BS Attack (Guided) is a useful tool, but can create a pretty unpleasant negative play experience. To address this, we proposal the following rules patch:

Replace the Guided section of the BS attack rule with the following:

  • Troopers with the BS Attack (Guided) Skill listed on their Unit Profile:
    • During the Active Turn, they may perform a BS Attack against a target in Targeted state without requiring LoF with the following additional rules:
      • The primary target of the BS Attack (Guided) skill may declare Reset (U-Turn) as an ARO, accounting for mods such as the -3 WIP from the Targeted state. Reset (U-Turn) changes the target's WIP roll from being a normal roll into a Face to Face against the BS Attack (Guided) BS roll.
      • If the Face to Face Reset (U-Turn) is successful, the entire BS Attack is negated against all targets. Any relevant reset-based states, such as the Targeted state, are also canceled for the Primary target. Secondary targets resolve any AROs they have declared.
      • If the Face to Face BS Attack (Guided) is successful, resolve the impact template as normal against all affected targets. Secondary targets resolve their declared ARO as normal. The primary target that made the Face to Face Reset (U-Turn) is automatically hit by the attack and ARM/BTS saves are made as normal.
    • They will perform a BS Roll with a +6 MOD, ignoring all other MODs except those imposed by ECM or TinBots to Guided Attacks. (See FAQs & Errata. Cannot be combined with Speculative Attack.)
    • Unless the Skill itself indicates otherwise, the B will always be 1 regardless of the actual B value of the Weapon or any MODs applied to the B. This BS Attack always applies the Impact Template (Circular) Trait, even if the weapon used does not have the Trait.
    • The distance to the target cannot exceed the weapon's maximum Range.
    • The target cannot be in an enclosed room, a possible trajectory for the Attack must always exist.
    • BS Attack (Guided) has a limit of 5 Attacks per Turn for the Active Player.
    • Only weapons that use the BS Attribute may be used with the BS Attack (Guided) Skill.

As an example:

The Fusilier Angus has been put into the Targeted state by the Interventor Morgana. Angus is standing immediately next to Fusilier Paolo, with both their backs against the same wall. A circular template would affect both Fusiliers.

A Nomad Vertigo Zond activates and declares Idle as its first short skill. The Vertigo Zond declares BS Attack (Guided), satisfies all requirements to do so, and fires a missile! Angus declares Reset (U-Turn) and Paolo declares Dodge, as Paolo would be under a circular template affecting Angus.

There are a few illustrative scenarios that might occur here:

  • Scenario A - Angus rolls an 8, which is within his effective WIP 9 (-3 for Targeted) and the Vertigo Zond rolls a 6 against its effective BS of 18 (+6 for Guided). The entire attack is canceled and Angus, having made a successful WIP -3 roll, cancels the Targeted state. Fusilier Paolo, having declared Dodge, rolls against his PH -3 and takes his dodge move if he passes.
  • Scenario B - Angus rolls an 4, which is within his effective WIP 9 (-3 for Targeted) and the Vertigo Zond rolls a 6 against its effective BS of 18 (+6 for Guided). The attack succeeds and the impact template resolves, causing Angus to suffer a missile hit. Fusiler Paolo also rolls a face to face Dodge at PH -3 versus the Vertigo Zond's roll of 6. Depending on the result of the dodge, Paolo may also have to save against a missile hit just as Angus did.

Natural Born Warrior

Natural Born Warrior (NBW) has been proliferating across many recent profiles. To limit the impact of the increased availability of NBW without changing Martial Arts or unit profiles, we propose the following change to NBW:

Change the effects of the Natural Born Warrior skill to the following:

  • The attacker's Martial Arts level is reduced by 2 against the user to a minimum of canceling the Martial Arts skill entirely.
  • This effect is not cumulative if multiple models with NBW are engaged in the same combat.

In summary, a model with MA1 or MA2 effectively has its Martial Arts completely canceled, but a model with MA3 would be reduced to MA1, with MA4 reduced to MA2 and MA5 reduced to MA3.